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Hiring full time drivers for these locations.

Must Have:

Your own 4 door AWD or 4WD vehicle.

Positive military or security track record or be trainable.

Good judgement in various situations and be willing to render aid to passengers and or LEO in necessary situations.

Good work ethic, honest and profesional attitude.

Good customer service and people skills.

A good patients and ability to use de-escalation tactics to end high stress situations peacefully.

This is a commision based position until the business becomes established in the area and then we may be able to evaluate an hourly rate. The more you dedicate to exposing and spreading the business the more you can make.

Commission will start at 60/40 (60 to driver) and will increase from there in your favor after positive evaluation and experience.

Please contact Damian at the Sandpoint number above for more information.

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